About us

At the end of 2021, Verdins opened its first craft beer shop on Mauritsweg in the center of Rotterdam.

Verdins is part of New Rotterdam Brewing Collective, which makes us more than just a beer shop!

We have been active in the craft beer scene since 2013. Initially as a rental brewery in Rotterdam with Trots Bier Rotterdam. In 2015, a second brand was added, which originated from a failed production. This brand is now called Two Times and the concentration is on beers that deserve a second chance and that would otherwise have to be destroyed due to overproduction. NRBC is currently looking for a second location for Verdins. This location will be a special one! In addition to a shop, there will also be a real hidden bar tap room at this location. The beers that are introduced are American inspired and are released under the name Monarch Brewery after the Monarch butterfly, the insect with the largest migration in the world. Thanks to the stock of Verdins, this location immediately becomes a brewpub with the largest special beer selection in the Netherlands.

The concentration of NRBC & Verdins is on corporate social responsibility, which is why we use as much cardboard as possible for webshop orders that has already been used for the supply of our stock. We believe that every brewery and company can contribute to a better tomorrow!